Even if you’re diligent about keeping your thermostat at a reasonable temperature setting, you might still deal with higher-than-average heating and cooling bills. Why? Because your HVAC system is inefficient.

So how do you solve the problem? Do you need to upgrade to a newer, more efficient system? Not necessarily. Though if your existing system is older than 10-15 years, that may be a smart idea. If you have a relatively new furnace or a/c though, you can improve your system efficiency with a few simple actions.

Below, the experts at Dust Doctors explain how.

Get Your Ductwork Cleaned

If you’ve never had professional duct cleaning, chances are your ductwork is loaded with dust and other debris that can clog up your HVAC system and diminish its performance. If you own an older home and have never had the ductwork looked at, there’s also a chance it’s not fully intact.

Over time, your ductwork can develop small cracks or holes that can allow plenty of conditioned air to escape. And when air can escape your ducts before it reaches your living areas, your furnace and A/C unit must work overtime to maintain a constant temperature inside your home.

When you schedule duct cleaning, the technicians won’t just clean your ducts; they’ll also alert you to any duct potential issues you should address. Even if no issues are present, you’ll notice your system functions better when the ductwork is free of debris.

Schedule Furnace Cleaning and Service

Keeping your furnace clean and in good repair helps maximize its efficiency. If you’ve noticed your energy bills tend to rise during winter, an improperly maintained furnace is likely the culprit.

Ideally, you should schedule furnace cleaning once a year, right before the winter season. Professional cleaning ensures the combustion chamber, flue pipe, filter, burner, blower, and all other components are free of debris and able to function efficiently, according to their design.

Schedule A/C Cleaning and Service

When was the last time you had your A/C unit serviced? If it’s been a while, it may be a primary culprit behind your high energy bills. When the coils, condenser, and other components inside your unit are covered in gunk, they can’t perform according to their design. Worse, too much debris buildup inside the unit can lead to premature burnout and expensive replacement costs.

Ideally, you should schedule a/c cleaning services once a year, at a minimum. It’s generally a good idea to have a/c cleaning performed in spring, before your a/c unit sees extensive use.

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