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What’s That Smell? Your Ducts May Be To Blame

Household odors are the worst. There’s almost nothing more cringe-inducing than coming home after a long day’s work, swinging open your front door, and getting blasted right in the nose. If you’ve attempted to find the source of unpleasant, elusive odors with no luck, chances are your ductwork is to blame. At Dust Doctors, we’ve cleaned innumerable ducts, and we can tell you from experience that years of buildup within your ductwork can produce a truly awful stench. How can duct cleaning restore a neutral, pleasant scent in your living space? Take a look.

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What Bacteria Live in Your Dust?

Even though you can't see them, thousands of different bacteria are crawling all around you. Of course, they are teeming in places like dirty floors and unclean bathrooms. But, did you also know that there are an average of 7000 different types of bacteria in dust alone?

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