Household odors are the worst. There’s almost nothing more cringe-inducing than coming home after a long day’s work, swinging open your front door, and getting blasted right in the nose. If you’ve attempted to find the source of unpleasant, elusive odors with no luck, chances are your ductwork is to blame. At Dust Doctors, we’ve cleaned innumerable ducts, and we can tell you from experience that years of buildup within your ductwork can produce a truly awful stench. How can duct cleaning restore a neutral, pleasant scent in your living space? Take a look.

Duct Cleaning Reduces Microorganism Buildup

If it’s been years since your ducts were cleaned (or if they’ve never been cleaned), off-putting odors may be due to bacterial colonization within your ductwork. Microorganisms thrive in warm, damp, dirty environments, which means your ducts are the perfect place for them to grow. As air passes through your HVAC system, it can carry these microscopic particles into your home. Because your system is constantly recirculating air, it can trap bacterial odors within your living space. Your air conditioning unit may also harbor growths that produce a nose-wrinkling stench within your home. Professional air duct cleaning services can help deliver clean, fresh air and reduce unwanted odor.  

Air Duct Cleaning Eliminates Mold-Related Odors

The distinct, musty odor produced by mold buildup is not only unpleasant but potentially harmful, too. Mold can trigger allergy symptoms, headaches, skin issues, and even cognitive issues—if you smell mold, you should have your ducts cleaned as soon as possible. Because mold reproduces rapidly and distributes spores into the ever-circulating air, it’s important to eradicate it. Even a small amount of mold can quickly recolonize an entire duct system, so removal is a job best left to the professionals. Not only will professional duct cleaning eliminate mold odors, but it also protects you and your family’s health.

Duct Cleaning for Pet Odor Removal

Does it constantly smell like wet dog in your house? If you have pets, and you bathe them frequently, fur and dander accumulation in your ductwork may be responsible for the stench. Even if you vacuum and clean consistently, your pets are constantly shedding. Over time, fur and dander slowly accumulate within your ducts, potentially filling your home with what can only be described as the essence of pet. A thorough air duct cleaning, combined with good sanitation practices, can help reduce persistent pet odors.

Got Unpleasant Odors? Call Dust Doctors

If your home consistently smells odd, despite constant cleaning, your ductwork is likely the culprit. At Dust Doctors, we’ve developed proprietary cleaning techniques and equipment you won’t find anywhere else in the Twin Cities metro. We’ll examine your HVAC system to find the source of the stench, and if it’s not your ducts, we can perform a thorough a/c cleaning or furnace cleaning to help eliminate household odors. For questions, or to schedule your appointment, give us a call at 651-319-9777, or feel free to message us on our contact page.

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