Although there may not be a direct correlation between your average ductwork and a decline in your asthma condition, it is possible that extremely dirty ductwork can lead to an unhealthy environment.


Thus, it is possible that a dirty AC combined with dirty ductwork, clogged ventilation, and a dirty filter can all produce an unhealthy home interior.


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Does Dirty Air Trigger Asthma Attacks?


This is the debate that divides experts and professionals.


Let’s be honest: Air Ducts do not create dirty air. What passes through the air ducts is what creates dirty air and an unhealthy environment in your home.


The question you should ask yourself is Where these substances come from and where do they go?


When dirty air passes through a duct system it does one of two things:


1.      It passes through the ductwork, slips, through the vents, and flows through your house once again. Some of that air ends up coming back to the AC and then redistributed through the house. Although the air filter will catch most the dirt and dust, it won’t catch all of it.

2.      The dust and dirt will settle inside the air ducts and stay there. A little buildup will not create an unhealthy home. A lot of buildup over time, however, may cycle dirty air throughout the house over and again. Even if you regularly dust your home, it doesn’t solve the problem of the constant circulation of nasty air.


So whether there is a correlation between dirty air in the AC system and the severity of your asthma attacks depends on how dirty your entire AC system is.


How Chemicals and Toxins Complicate the Issue


If you lived in an empty house, the most you’d have to deal with is natural dust and dirt and a little bit of pollution from metro Minneapolis.


The house you live in, however, is likely filled with all types of items that produce toxins and chemical fumes in almost every room. Chemicals, A.K.A., volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a real problem in a home. These compounds can come from just about anywhere: appliances, aerosols, cleansers, oils - the list goes on. VOCs have been linked to asthma attacks and other health conditions.


What else is in your home that could trigger an attack?


●        Tobacco smoke

●        Nitrogen dioxide from gas stoves or space heaters

●        Pet dander

●        Chemical odors from paint, adhesives, vinyl flooring, tiles, etc.

●        Fragrances, perfumes, scented detergent and soap, room deodorizers.


Occasional exposure to these items is not the problem here. The real problem exists when all of the above circulates through your home every single day. The more severe your asthma, the more of a threat these substances become.


Where do these chemicals, vapors, and particles go once they are released into the air? The air pressure in your home caused by your AC sucks some of these chemicals in your AC intake vent and then kicks them back out into the house.


When this happens day in and day out throughout each day from multiple rooms, it can create an environment that triggers an asthma attack.


Thus, the need for an AC, duct, and vent cleaning service from a professional company.


Comprehensive Duct Cleaning From Dust Doctors


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