Home renovations can get messy. By the time you complete your project you find dust, dirt, debris scattered across your house. The dust and dirt eventually find their way into the duct work where it’s then distributed back out into the house.


You can stop the flow of post-renovation dust and dirty, however, by hiring a professional duct cleaning service to clean your ductwork and AC unit. Dust Doctors is on call and ready to help you clean up your remodeling mess.


Call us today for, efficient duct and vent cleaning.


Cleaning Your Home: Where to Start


Once you pick up your equipment and supplies, your next step is to get rid of the dust and debris around the house. Although you may be tempted to clean out your AC system first, you may want to start by cleaning the furniture and using a vacuum to suck up the dirt.


Your home will return back to normal. 


If you choose this method, schedule our duct cleaning service on the same day. That way we can take care of the AC unit, ducts, and vents while you are taking care of the rest of the house.


When everyone is finished, your house will be sufficiently clean once again.


During cleaning, you may want to turn off the AC just long enough to clean up the mess. If you allow you the air to circulate through the house, you may waste your time cleaning the house as well as the AC system.


Remodeling Can be Unhealthy: Clean the Ductwork Fast


You may not realize how unhealthy construction dust is.


Construction workers often use face masks to filter out dirty air on construction sites. Whether they are working outside or inside, if they are exposed to large amounts of dust, it may have a negative impact on their lungs.


So it is with home renovation. Although you may produce as less dust than a construction site, you are also in a more confined space. Cutting boards, painting walls, stripping wood, or other dirt or fume-producing activities can create a health hazard.


Even when the dust settles after a project, a lot of the pollutants are still stored in your ductwork. It’s time to call a duct cleaning service.


Contact Dust Doctors After Your Home Renovation


Contact Dust Doctors today and let us know that you just completed your remodeling project. That way we know what to expect when we arrive at your home. We will clean the duct system, vents, and AC unit using an air whip method that completely removes the dust from your home.


When the job is done, you will notice how clean the air in your home is once again.


If you need duct cleaning service, call us today and schedule an appointment. You can reach us today at 651-319-9777.

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