There’s duct cleaning, and then there’s deep duct cleaning. Although you may not know the difference, you’ll be able to experience the results as the air in your house is much cleaner. At Dust Doctors, we utilize a range of methods to ensure that the ducts in your home are FULLY clean from end to end so that your home is environment is a healthier place to live. How do we achieve this? Read below to find out more.


Advanced Cleaning Equipment

No HVAC cleaning professional can do his or her job with mediocre tools. Therefore, we utilize the most advanced cleaning equipment in the industry to deliver results that exceed standard cleaning expectations. Some of the equipment we use includes:


●        Air Whips. Air whip systems are a new technology that use air pressure instead of brushes to remove dirt from inside the ductwork. For more sensitive duct channels it can blow the air off without abrasion.

●        Spinning Brushes. Rotary brushes are the standard tools that we use to clean equipment throughout your entire system. Brushes can remove the toughest dirt and grime from inside the ducts.

●        Suction Vacuum. Whether you need an HVAC cleaning or a vent cleaning, we can use high-level suction to get all dirt and debris out of the ducts and unit once we’ve removed it from the surface via the brush or the whips. All dirt is sucked out of the system and into the holding tank on our truck. No dust or debris lands in your house.


Why You Need a Deep HVAC Cleaning

We run into various scenarios where a deep cleaning becomes necessary to restore your heating or cooling system back to full capacity. Some examples include:


●        It’s been more than five years since your last duct cleaning

●        You moved into an older home

●        Part of the cleanup process from a home renovation

●        Smokers or pets live in your house

●        You want to restore the equipment to like-new condition fully

●        Someone in your home is suffering from severe allergies


Deep Cleaning is Good for Pest Control

During the winter, small animals and pests burrow in your home in hopes of surviving the winter. Air duct pest control cleaning is part of the process of restoring your entire heating and cooling system. From rats, mice, and snakes to cockroaches and spiders, we can find and kill all creatures nestling in your ductwork and the central unit. Having zero pests in the house creates a safer environment for your family during the winter months.


Hire Dust Doctors for All Your HVAC Cleaning Needs

Dust Doctors has built a reputation as Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota’s premier HVAC, duct, and vent cleaning company. We combine advanced technology with highly trained technicians to deliver superior results you can count on. To schedule a cleaning this season, call us at 651-319-9777, or you can message us on our contact page.

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