Do you have professional duct cleaning every two years? If not, you’re compromising your indoor air quality, and possibly your health, too. At Dust Doctors, we’re committed to delivering clean, fresh air to homeowners throughout the Twin Cities. To that end, we’ve developed advanced cleaning tools and systems that help keep your indoor air quality—and your health—in top condition.

We’ve found that for some homeowners, a regular duct cleaning isn’t thorough enough to remove years of buildup, and in those cases, we recommend an advanced deep cleaning. How can you determine whether your ducts need a routine or extreme cleaning? Here are a few ways to tell:

Your Ducts Have Not Been Cleaned In Five Years or Longer

We recommend thorough, professional duct cleaning at two-year intervals to maintain indoor air quality. If you haven't had your ducts cleaned in the last five years—or ever—it’s time for deep cleaning.

We’ll seal off your air returns, dislodge adhered debris, scrub the main trunk lines, thoroughly vacuum, and high-pressure air wash the lines to ensure your ducts are free from buildup. We’ll also swap out your filters, clean your furnace, and clean your dryer vents. Our deep cleaning process is incredibly thorough, so you can rest assured your system is as clean as possible.

You’ve Developed Persistent Allergies

Are you dealing with unexplained respiratory issues or seasonal allergy symptoms? If so, it’s likely time for professional duct cleaning. Dirty ductwork can trigger respiratory problems, skin issues, and even asthma attacks, which makes improving your indoor air quality critical. Many homeowners mistakenly believe their symptoms are tied to seasonal allergens, but that’s not always the case. If you spend substantial time indoors, and your symptoms appear to be worse inside, there’s a high chance your ductwork is to blame.

Your Home Recently Underwent Construction

If you’ve recently completed a new home construction or an indoor remodeling project, we highly recommend professional duct cleaning. Construction releases millions of tiny particles into your indoor air, which then make their way into your ductwork. Because your ducts are constantly accumulating pollen, dander, dust, chemicals, mildew, and even mold, extra construction dust can severely compromise your indoor air quality.

You Just Bought a New Home

If you’re moving into a new home, it’s always smart to call in professional duct cleaning. You never know what the previous owners' cleanliness habits were, nor if they owned pets, smoked, or had allergens in the home. It can also be difficult to determine when the ducts were last cleaned, so for your health’s sake, duct cleaning is recommended.

We’ll inspect your new ductwork, determine the appropriate cleaning procedure, and get to work. While regular duct cleaning is suitable in most cases, deep cleaning may be necessary if the previous owners neglected the ductwork.

Expert Duct Deep Cleaning in the Twin Cities

If your ducts have not been cleaned in the last five years—or ever—it’s time to contact Dust Doctors for deep cleaning. We’ve been serving homeowners throughout the Twin Cities metro for decades, which has allowed us to develop a superior cleaning process you won’t find anywhere else. We’d love to make you our next happy and healthy client. To learn more about our air duct cleaning services, HVAC cleaning, or air purification, give us a call at 651-319-9777 or message us on our contact page.

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