One of the great travesties in the world of laundry is to purchase a brand new clothes dryer and never clean the vent. What this means in the long-run is that the dryer will probably only last about as half as long as it’s supposed to. While dryers have other maintenance needs, hiring us to clean the rear vent may the one that keeps it from breaking down the most. The length of the vent will determine how often and to what extent we need to clean it.


How Often Should the Vent Be Cleaned

We recommend contacting a Dust Doctors technician at least once a year to visit your home. A yearly inspection and cleaning will clear the vent of all dirt, dust, and debris. Once the vent is cleaned, the air can flow freely through to the outside. Keep in mind; the smaller or less wide the vent is, the more we may need to clean it throughout the year. Why? Because a more narrow hole is likely to clog up more often. Smaller holes also create more pressure on the dryer as it pushes the air out the back. In this case, we recommend that call us to check two to three times a year.


Why Should the Dryer Vent be Cleaned?

According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) over 15,000 fires occur in homes nationwide as a result of dryers. In over half those cases, the likely cause for the dryer catching on fire was from backed up lint that had nowhere to go because of a clogged vent. In addition to a blocked vent being a safety hazard, the heating element will also burn out if there is too much lint, dust, or debris in the vent.


How to Tell if the Vent Needs to be Cleaned

Here are some ways to tell if a Dust Doctor technician needs to clean the dryer vent:


●        Have you recently noticed that the clothes take longer to dry than usual? While other factors could be causing this, the most likely cause is that the exhaust air has nowhere to go. Therefore, the flow of air has stopped, and the clothes take longer to dry. Clothes require both the flow of air and the heating element to dry efficiently.

●        Another way to tell if there is an obstruction in the vent is to feel the dryer’s external cabinet. If it feels hotter than it should, then it’s an indication that we need to clean it.

●        Excess lint around the filter, the lint hose or the outside of the vent. There may also be a buildup of lint on the floor behind the dryer.


Hire a Dust Doctors Professional to Clean the Vent

If it’s time for a vent inspection or cleaning, contact Dust Doctors today. We specialize vent cleaning as well as HVAC cleaning and air duct cleaning. To schedule an inspection, call us at 651-319-9777. We service homeowners in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area.

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