Do you ever think about how clean your air ducts are? If not, now is an excellent time to start. Ductwork can harbor large amounts of particulate matter, microorganisms, and organic growths that can negatively affect your health and the efficiency of your furnace and air conditioner. That’s why regular duct cleaning appointments are so important to maintain both your well-being and HVAC performance.

So when’s the best time to schedule professional air duct cleaning? Keep scrolling to learn more.

Every One to Two Years

If your HVAC system runs year-round, your air ducts can get dirty in a hurry, depending on what you do inside your home. And to keep those ducts free of contaminants that can harm your health and interfere with HVAC performance, routine cleanings are essential.

Most households can get away with scheduling a deep duct cleaning as their first appointment, and from there, they can set up maintenance cleanings at two-year intervals. But if you have serious allergies, lots of hairy pets, or anyone in your household smokes indoors, it’s probably in your best interest to schedule an annual duct cleaning appointment.

When You Replace Your Furnace or Air Conditioner

Furnaces and central air conditioners must be replaced every 15 years or so, and when that time comes for your home, it’s time to schedule a professional duct cleaning appointment.

Getting your air ducts thoroughly cleaned will help prevent debris from clogging up the new system components and reducing their efficiency right off the bat. Sticking to a regular duct cleaning schedule after the replacement will also help ensure optimal HVAC system performance.

When Your Indoor Allergies Act Up

If you suddenly notice that anyone in your household begins suffering from unexplained allergy-like symptoms, those symptoms may be related to dirty ductwork. That’s especially true if you’ve never had your air ducts professionally cleaned or you can’t remember the last time it was done.

If any of your household members currently suffer from seasonal or other allergies, you’ll also want to keep up with duct cleaning on a regular basis. Controlling the amount of pollen, dander, dust mites, and other particles circulating in your duct system is one of the simplest and most effective things you can do to help keep indoor allergy symptoms at bay.

Schedule Duct Cleaning With Dust Doctors

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