Did you know keeping a few plants in your house can help improve your indoor air quality? It’s true! Not only are houseplants a nice addition to any home’s interior aesthetic, but according to NASA, they’re also effective natural air purifiers. While all plants filter the air to some degree, some are better at it than others and you can check them out in our list below!

Bamboo Palm

Bamboo palms don’t just filter the air; they also introduce plenty of moisture into the air around them, which is another major benefit during our dry Minnesota winters. They prefer part sun or shade and tend to do best in temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Aside from frequent watering, they’re pretty low maintenance, so even in our harsh climate, they can easily thrive inside your home.

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

Also known as the snake plant, Mother-in-Law’s tongue is a succulent, which means it can survive and even thrive in tough conditions. It doesn’t require much water and can live in bright or low light conditions and it’s not fussy about humidity, either. The snake plant’s thick, wide, and tall leaves are great at purifying the air, due to their size and surface area.

If you like the idea of boosting your indoor air quality with plants but aren’t great at taking care of live greenery, this hearty plant is an excellent one to have.   


Ever heard of a Swiss cheese plant? If so, that’s a type of monstera, and there are actually 48 different species of them. They adapt well to most indoor conditions, but they do need consistent indoor humidity of at least 40%. They like bright, indirect light and temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, so they should do well near a window in most Minnesota homes.

According to a NASA study, the monstera is one of the most effective plants for reducing household air pollution because its leaves are so large. If you’re looking to improve your indoor air quality, this plant is one of the best ones to keep and what’s more, it’s a lovely addition to any interior design. 

Rubber Tree

Also known as rubber plants, there are many species of this gorgeous plant and they all do an excellent job boosting indoor air quality. These natural air purifiers have been shown to absorb harmful airborne substances — like bacteria and mold spores — and break them down as part of their natural defense mechanism. Rubber plants requires bright, indirect sunlight and consistent moisture, but aside from that, they’re not fussy and should do well indoors in our northern climate.

It’s important to note that this particular plant is toxic to pets. If you have furry friends running around and you want one of these, place it high enough that curious mouths can’t reach it. 

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