Accumulated soot and dust can be a fire hazard. This is because all dust is full of dry and flammable material which can easily ignite under the right conditions. Any sufficiently large collection of dust can be ignited either by contact with a spark or if the surface it is settled on becomes very hot. The danger of a dust born fire is especially high in the summer when ducts can grow hot. However, if a heating unit is in poor condition and must endure heavy use during the winter months it can throw sparks. Poorly maintained and dust laden electrical systems can pose a similar hazard.

Fire Hazards within the Furnace
The air in your home is heated via the burners and heat the exchanger of the furnace. The burners heat the exchanger to a very high degree. Near or above the furnace, in the plenum, dust will accumulate with time and occasionally fall onto the heat exchanger. If the debris pile becomes large enough, there can be a very serious risk a fire igniting inside the furnace.

Hazards in the Furnace Filter
Heater furnace filters are specially designed to protect both the furnace and air conditioner from collecting dust. But if the filter is not regularly changed, then dust can and will accumulate until the filter eventually collapses. The filter may then get sucked into the furnace allowing the dust it carried to catch fire.

Cleaning Ducts
The best and only reliable way to cut down the risk of a fire from dust is to remove or reduce the amount of dust. Cleaning your air ducts is the simplest, most logical way to remove accumulated dust built up over time thereby preventing any potential fire hazard from materializing. 

Hiring a professional A/C duct cleaning service is the best solution to the problem of dust born fire hazards. Improperly cleaned air ducts may cause loose dust to circulate, damaging your indoor air quality and creating an even more serious hazard.

Call the Professionals
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