Often misunderstood, mold is actually quite ubiquitous—but having too much of it can be a serious health hazard. If there's mold in your air ducts, you need a professional air duct cleaning. But how can you tell?

Why Would Mold Grow in Your Ducts?

Mold spores are everywhere; it's only natural. Mold will find areas that are porous and moist, and will latch and begin to grow. Once mold begins to grow, it can grow very quickly. Some amount of mold is natural in most locations.

Ducts tend to accumulate moisture due to condensation. In other words, the water within the ducts will attract mold. The problem is that mold growth can become very significant if left unchecked.

A large amount of mold in your home can be harmful to your health and can be very difficult to control.

What are the Signs Mold Could be Growing in Your Ducts?

How can you know whether mold is growing in your ducts? After all, you can't see inside of your ducts. But there are some signs:

●        Your HVAC system could have a musty or moldy odor. This usually isn't a good sign, as it means that there's mold growing somewhere, whether it's the duct system or the attic.

●        You might see mold around the grates of your HVAC system. You can open up the grates and look into your duct system with a flashlight to confirm, but mold could be hiding just out of sight.

●        You might see moisture or condensation around your HVAC. Moisture almost always means that there's mold nearby, as it will gain purchase anywhere the environment is favorable.

Any of these signs could mean you need to clean out your ducts.

Is Mold Dangerous?

As noted, mold is everywhere. But when mold grows inside of your HVAC system, it sends spores and particles throughout your house. Some types of mold are toxic; they can cause illness or even death. Even "harmless" versions of mold can cause issues with allergies and asthma.

Ultimately, while mold is a naturally occurring growth, too much of it could easily lead to illness or disease. A professional duct cleaning will clear out your ducts, reducing moisture and humidity, and sanitizing the interior surfaces. To find out whether you could have mold in your ducts, set up an appointment with the Duct Doctors today.

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