A home renovation project can help to improve the flow and layout of your space, add more square footage to your home, or update an outdated area, which can help make your home more functional and aesthetically pleasing. If you are having a home renovation project completed, you should be prepared, as a lot of dirt and dust will be kicked up. While you cannot prevent all of this dirt and dust, there are steps you can take to minimize the amount that is flying through your home. Having your vents cleaned is one of these steps

Why Is It Important to Have Your Vents Cleaned During a Home Renovation Project?

During a home renovation project, a lot of dirt and dust can get kicked up in your home. The renovation project may consist of removing old fixtures and flooring, sanding items down, or installing new items. All of this brings along its own level of dust. When dust is flying around in your home, it can make its way into your heating or cooling system and then into your vents. Every time your heating or cooling system comes on, it blows the dust out of your vents into your home. This becomes a cycle of dirt and dust accumulating in the vents and then blowing into your home. Cleaning your vents helps to remove the dirt and dust, putting an end to this cycle.

How Frequently Should You Have Your Vents Cleaned During a Home Renovation Project?

The frequency varies based on the projects that are being completed. Sanding down an old hardwood floor produces a more dust than removing a bathroom fixture and having a new one installed. If you are having multiple projects done, you may want to have your vents cleaned halfway through the project and then again at the end. If you are only working on one or two projects, you may want to wait until the projects are finished before vent cleaning is performed.

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