A leading cause of household fires is a neglected dryer vent. In fact, dryer fires are responsible for over $35 million in property losses every year! Besides being a fire hazard, a clogged dryer vent can present many hazards, including harboring harmful microorganisms, and even unwelcome pest invasions. To help keep your home and family safe, and to get the most out of your clothes dryer, it’s important to practice proper dryer vent maintenance. Below, the professionals at Dust Doctors give the lowdown on the dangers of a dirty dryer vent.


Clogged Vents Equal Fire Hazard

Everyone knows dryer filters are designed to collect lint, but how much lint does your filter really capture? Unfortunately, the short answer is: not all of it. While the filter is positioned to collect a majority of lint, some experts estimate that up to 50 percent of the fluffy stuff can make it past that perforated barrier.


Because the filter contains tiny holes, minuscule particles can easily pass through and accumulate over time. If too much fuzz builds up, hot air from your dryer can quickly ignite the dry fabric particles, setting your home up for disaster. To address the issue before it becomes a problem, have your dryer vents professionally cleaned.


Unwelcome Pests Might Invade

While this danger may sound highly improbable, you’ll be surprised to learn it’s actually a frequent occurrence! As lint and grime build up around your dryer’s vent flap, eventually, the flap won’t close properly. When this occurs, unwelcome critters can easily make their way into your dryer vent.


Warm air is especially attractive to these critters during cooler times of the year, making your dirty dryer vent a prime hotspot for these unwelcome pests. Surprisingly, some homeowners have even reported finding mice, skunks, owls, and even snakes! To prevent unwelcome houseguests from making their way in, regular dryer vent cleanings are recommended.


How Do You Know if Your Dryer Vent Needs a Cleaning?

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends a thorough cleaning at least once per year. However, if you have a large family and use your dryer frequently, you may need to have it cleaned more often. Typically, if your vent needs to be serviced, you’ll notice the following:


●        Your laundry room is uncharacteristically hot while the dryer is running.

●        You find an abnormal amount of lint in the vent filter.

●        The dryer vent flap does not open and close fully.

●        Your clothes take longer than usual to dry properly.

●        You smell something musty or burning during the dryer cycle.


Dryer and Vent Cleaning in the Twin Cities

At Dust Doctors, it is our goal to help you keep your home and family safe and healthy. Over the years, we’ve established the most comprehensive cleaning systems to provide our customers with industry-leading service. If your dryer vents are in need of a cleaning, we’re here to get the job done right. A thorough dryer vent cleaning not only gives you peace of mind that your home and family are protected, but saves you money in energy costs, too. To request a cleaning quote, or to set up your service appointment, contact our team at 651-319-9777.

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