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How is a Dryer Vent on a Roof Cleaned?

There are many reasons why you should have your dryer vents cleaned routinely. Cleaning your dryer vents helps to extend the life of your clothes dryer, helps to decrease energy usage and helps to prevent fires that can be caused by excessive amounts of lint. 

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When and Why You Should Have Your HVAC Air Ducts Cleaned

Although it’s normal for ducts to become dirty, some conditions make them dirtier at a more accelerated rate. Therefore you may need to hire a Dust Doctors technician to clean the air ducts more than usual. Below are some of the factors that can make ducts dirtier faster.

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The Importance of Cleaning Your Dryer Vents

It is recommended that you have your dryer vent cleaned at least one time a year. If you have a larger family, or do more laundry than the average household, you may need your vents cleaned more frequently. Unfortunately, most households do not have their dryer vents cleaned nearly as often as they should. One of the reasons why may be because they do not understand the importance of doing so. Here are a few of the reasons why cleaning your dryer vent regularly is important.

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