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How Regular Duct Cleanings Can Help Your Allergies

So many people find that they develop a stuffy nose within the first hour or two after being home. Some people attribute this to the fact that they are laying down and their nasal passages may clog up, but this is not likely the problem. The most common reason people develop stuffy noses and breathing issues when they are home is because the air ducts in the house are not being cleaned on a regular basis.

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Make Your Home Comfortable For Asthma Sufferers with Air Duct Cleaning

Everyone wants to feel comfortable at home. However, for asthma sufferers, the home can be as unsafe as being outside. Indoor pollutants can make it hard for those with asthma to breathe. Duct cleaning can be a solution.

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Hidden Hazard: Clogged Dryer Vents

Clothes dryers are one of those modern conveniences we often take for granted. Because it’s easy to toss a load of wet clothes in the machine and come back an hour later when they’re dry, many of us don’t give our dryers much thought. However, clothes dryers need regular maintenance. All dryers have a lint trap, which should be cleaned between uses, but the screen can’t catch everything. Over time, lint builds up within the dryer and its duct system.

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