Everyone wants to feel comfortable at home. However, for asthma sufferers, the home can be as unsafe as being outside. Indoor pollutants can make it hard for those with asthma to breathe. Duct cleaning can be a solution.

What is a Duct Cleaning?

The parts of a home ventilation system, such as an air conditioner, accumulate particles over time. Dust, mold and debris gets stuck in the parts, perhaps wearing them down. Duct cleaning is the answer.

A proper cleaning removes all the unwanted contaminants, leaving the air flow pure and clean. In some cases, the service person will use a chemical compound to eradicate any microbiological germs found.

Benefits of a Duct Cleaning to Asthmatics

Asthma sufferers need fresh air to feel comfortable. They will often suffer attacks when living in an environment of polluted air. Most people understand this fact and avoid taking an asthmatic into an area known for poor air quality. However, it is less known that the home can often be just as dangerous as a smog-filled city.

Unclean air ducts can lead to the spread of pollutants throughout the house. If there is moisture present, then mold could form. The humid summer months are prime time to consider a cleaning.

Dust caught in the air conditioning grill is another common indoor pollutant. Asthma sufferers live in virtual torment. They have to inhale these contaminants on a regular basis, with no seeming relief in sight.

Signs of Allergic Asthma

Look for these symptoms of an asthma attack caused by exposure to allergens.

·         Coughing

·         Rapid breathing

·         Shortness of breath

·         Wheezing

It is best to avoid letting the situation exacerbate until a loved one becomes this sick.  

Be Proactive About Keeping Air Fresh and Clean

A professional duct cleaning is the key to getting rid of indoor contaminants. In the Twin Cities, contact Dust Doctors for more information on how to remove harmful indoor pollutants.  

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