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Indoor Air Can Cause Health Problems

There may be good reason to be concerned about the air you breathe. Don't assume that you're safe because you're indoors. According to the EPA, the air in most homes and buildings can be much more seriously polluted than the air outside, even in large cities.

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Dusty Vents are a Fire Hazard

Accumulated soot and dust can be a fire hazard. This is because all dust is full of dry and flammable material which can easily ignite under the right conditions. Any sufficiently large collection of dust can be ignited either by contact with a spark or if the surface it is settled on becomes very hot.

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Cleaning Your Dryer Vents

When people call professionals to have their ducts cleaned, they don’t always think about their dryer vents. Dryers are one of the household appliances that consume considerable amounts of energy. To work efficiently, the vents need to be kept clean. Besides saving on energy and working faster, clogged dryer vents are susceptible to catching on fire.

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