There may be good reason to be concerned about the air you breathe. Don't assume that you're safe because you're indoors. According to the EPA, the air in most homes and buildings can be much more seriously polluted than the air outside, even in large cities.

The air pollution indoors can cause serious health problems. Those who are exposed to indoor air pollution for long periods of time — children, the elderly, people who work from home, and those with chronic illnesses — are the most vulnerable.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency:

You should consider cleaning the air ducts in your home if:

  •  Visible mold growth has developed in the ducts or other components of your air conditioning system.
  •  Your ducts have become home to vermin such as insects or rodents.
  •  Your ducts have become clogged by large amounts of dust, debris, or if other particles are released into the home through the supply registers.


The majority of indoor air pollution comes in the form of particles or gasses released into the air from building materials, air fresheners, animal and human dander. Dander can become food for mold colonies if it is allowed to build up in corners and other hard to reach areas. Ventilation shafts are the main place where large collections of dander can accumulate. Other sources, such as tobacco soot and wood stoves are major contributors to indoor pollution. While most indoor air pollutants have been around for decades, they used to be mostly thinned out by outdoor air working its way naturally into homes. The energy-efficient homes of today, however, are far too well sealed for outside air to enter and help filter the air you breathe.


The cleaning of your heating and cooling air ducts is best left to the professionals. Such a task requires specialized training and equipment. This is the kind of job that you need to be done correctly the first time. Hiring a specialized A/C contractor equipped with several different methods of addressing dirty vents will ensure that you receive a quality cleaning. Most vent systems in buildings five or more years old contain up to fifty pounds of moldy dust and debris that can make a horrifying mess if dealt with improperly.


The pros at Dust Doctors are fully trained and equipped to clean your vents and remove allergen laden dust and filth clogging up your vents. Call the professionals at Dust Doctors and have your ventilation system cleaned correctly the first time!

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