The HVAC system in your home plays an essential role in keeping your home’s airflow clean and fresh. The outdoor air conditioning unit is a key part of your HVAC system, but many homeowners know very little about maintaining it. Keeping this unit clean and maintained is important to keeping your HVAC until running efficiently.


At Dust Doctors in Minnesota, we understand that cleaning your home’s AC unit is an important part of keeping the air in your home fresh and healthy. 


Importance of Your Outdoor AC Unit

The outside air conditioner unit for your HVAC system is also called the “condenser unit.” Your HVAC system works by pulling heat out of your home. Your condenser unit provides the air flow, and when it is not working well, your home gets hot pretty quickly. The buildup of dirt on your outside AC system is a natural process. Without regular cleaning, your AC unit will begin to experience problems over time.


Some of these problems include:

●        High energy bills

●        Poor cooling

●        System breakdown


Understand the AC Unit Components

Your outdoor AC unit includes several vital components. The fan releases the heat to the air outside your home. The compressor converts refrigerant that is important to your home’s cooling system. This refrigerant runs through your condenser coils, which cool the air that passes over them. All of these parts must remain running efficiently to cool your home.


Several problems can get into your AC unit, causing damage:

●        Dust

●        Debris

●        Mineral scale

●        Dust

●        Cottonwood


Importance of Removing Debris

Over time, these parts are exposed to all kinds of environmental dirt and debris because they are located outdoors. Over time, the condenser coils in your unit can get dirty. Dirt builds up around the coils, becoming a barrier between the air that blows over them and the heat contained in the refrigerant in these coils. They lose their ability to transfer heat to the air outside your home. When this happens, these coils are no longer able to cool your home properly.  


Call Our Specialized AC Unit Cleaning Experts

Our HVAC experts are equipped with a special selection of cleaning equipment. We are able to safely remove any debris from your outdoor AC system. We will clean your coils for you and make sure everything is running at peak performance. We understand the important safety concerns of working with electrical components and are experts in keeping your system running safely and smoothly.


Whole System HVAC Experts in Minnesota

To keep your HVAC system operating at its top performance level, schedule at least one cleaning per year. Dust Doctors in Little Canada can help keep your home’s outdoor AC unit operating efficiently. We understand the importance of keeping your HVAC unit in top shape. Our team of HVAC experts can help set you up with AC unit cleaning and air duct system cleaning. For more information, call us at 651-319-9777, or you can message us on our contact page.

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