Ductwork in your home inevitably has variable components and design. Dust Doctors know the ins and outs of duct building. Understanding the specific infrastructure of a ductwork system allows us to provide comprehensive and professional duct cleaning services to the Twin Cities metro area. Knowledge of duct building and ventilation system break down on network anatomy gives us an edge in proper and efficient vent cleaning services. Let's explore the anatomy of your ductwork system.


Framework Of Your Home’s Ductwork

The anatomy of your HVAC system contains several key components working in tandem that draws a comparison with biological anatomy in the human body. Respiratory, nervous, and circulatory systems are two examples of such comparisons. Ventilation systems contain arms, trunks, and legs that branch out to deliver the airflow to all areas of your home. Typically made of sheet metal, the ducts connect to vents in each room to heat or cool the room below.


Breakdown Of HVAC System Components

When analyzing each part of your HVAC air ducts and physical network, there are several key components that work together to allow the system to function as a cohesive unit.


Air Handler Unit (AHU)
An air handler unit attaches to your ductwork. This large metal box contains a blower, heating and cooling elements, filters, and dampers. AHU’s come in both indoor and outdoor utilization designs.


Dampers simply regulate air flow. There are many types of dampers each with their own functionalities. Volume control dampers allow the adjustment of the amount of air flow, while smoke or fire dampers seal off a duct when they detect smoke.


HVAC Take-Offs
Take-offs are differently shaped fittings that function to distribute the correct amount of airflow from the main duct into each branch duct. You may have heard of HETO or high-efficiency take-offs that increase the upstream side of the fitting. This design maximizes airflow downstream saving energy and increasing balance.


The primary component of any HVAC ductwork system is an air distribution box, called a plenum. This device distributes the air collection and flow of an HVAC system. The supply plenum sends air from the centralized unit to the rooms with air vents while the return plenum carries air from your return intakes back to a central air handler.


Duct Fittings
There are multiple monikers for a duct fitting, the most common being reducers. A duct fitting reducer allows a required change from one size duct to another. These fittings also balance airflow and equalize pressure. A vent cap fitting helps the performance by protecting the open end of a ductwork vent stack.


Expert HVAC Duct Cleaning Services in Minnesota

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