If you have concerns about allergies or don’t want to breathe air pollutants, such as dust mites, air whip cleaning is for you. You may not think you need your air ducts blasted in a full-fledged clean-out because you cleaned them recently. However, getting your ducts cleaned thoroughly is the trick that will relieve you of the nasty dust inhabitants in your home.


The less-invasive Air Whip may be your choice because it’s more economical in your situation. This method is just as thorough as more extensive deep cleaning. At Dust Doctors, we offer air whip cleaning, which is an exceptional service for those who get their ducts cleaned regularly. If you are in Little Canada, Minnesota, call us for this guaranteed satisfaction cleaning process.


About the Process

The Air Whip process is not as complex as our deep clean service, but it is enough for those who have had the deep clean service done in the past. Using a powerful truck-mounted vacuum, technicians safely create negative pressure in your ducts. The vacuum process starts from the main trunk lines of your duct system, guaranteeing no dust will be blown back into your home. All supply and return vents are blocked, and technicians force air through each register individually.

Air whips are used to scrub the ducts and deliver dirt and debris straight to the vacuum. These are scrubbers that look like whips and are designed to clean square ducts. After the techs finish the job, they unblock vents and give the furnace a basic clean. This is an excellent addition to the original service offered.


Deep Clean Vs. Air Whip

The deep clean HVAC cleaning method is a heavy-duty job that uses a fast-spinning rotary brush. It is more extensive and scrapes harder-to-reach areas and pieces. This service is mostly for people who have never had duct cleaning before, or if it has been more than five years since the last cleaning. This process removes trickier types of smells and grime. It is recommended to remove the odor of cigarette smoke and animal urine. It also gets rid of embedded pet hairs and dander.


This extensive service is followed up with a pass-of-the-whip cleaning. This service also comes with a free furnace cleaning. As a bonus, we clean your dryer vents! Both services come with a satisfaction guarantee.


Dust Doctors Provides Clean Air Solutions in Minnesota

Trust Little Canada’s professional HVAC cleaners with your clean air solutions. Call us at 651-319-9777 when it’s time to clean your ducts, or you can message us on ourcontact page.

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