Cleanliness is important when it comes to your home. The cleaner your home is, the healthier it is for you and your family.

Even though a home can look clean, it’s not completely healthy if you don’t dust. Keep reading to learn where your dust lurks and how you can eliminate dust in your home.

Where Dust Lurks

To combat dust, you have to know where the dust in your home resides. When you know where dust is, then you can easily develop a cleaning plan that eliminates the dust in your home.

Dust Rests Atop Surfaces

To be frank, dust is everywhere in your home. It’s on your furniture, your baby products, and your kitchen table. Dust travels through the air, so anywhere in your home where there’s air, there’s dust.

Dust Is in Your Ventilation System

Dust also resides in your ventilation system. Whether you are heating or cooling your home, dust moves throughout your home while your heating and cooling system is functioning.

You Can Find Dust in Your Dryer Unit Too

Finally, when you dry your clothes, you are creating dust. Your clothing creates dust because it’s made of material. While you are drying clothes, your dryer attempts to collect all dust in your lint trap or by expel it from your home using the duct connected in the back of the unit, but it’s not 100% effective.

The Dangers of Dust

Dust isn’t simply a nuisance. It’s dangerous too. George Washington University researchers identified 45 toxic chemicals in dust particles. They estimate 90% of the homes across the United States are plagued by at least 10 of these chemicals.

In general, the chemicals they found reflected what was in the homes of the respondents. For instance, vinyl particles from vinyl flooring were found in the dust. Also, the scientists identified cosmetics in the dust lurking around these homes.

If you aren’t a fanatical duster, then it’s likely that all the chemicals you’ve ever used are lurking in the dust particles in your home. If you suffer from respiratory problems, have allergies, have children, then the dust in your home is a major health problem to you and your family members. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with dust particles. There are measures you can take to improve the air you breathe in your home.

How to Eliminate Dust

When it comes to eliminating the dust in your home, the most obvious way to do so is to dust. Each time you clean, you should take the time to wipe down all the surfaces inside your home. Of course, this can be time-consuming, and it doesn’t prevent the dust in your ducts from getting back into your home.

To ensure that you eliminate the dust in your ducts, you need to hire a professional. Our team at Dust Doctors specialize in removing the dust in your ducts. With our help, you can get the deep cleaning you need to improve the air quality in your home. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment to rid your home of dangerous chemicals.

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