People typically associate deep cleaning chores with the spring. However there are certain things that are beneficial to do in the winter instead or as well. Professional duct cleaning is one of those chores that should not be put off no matter what time of year it is. In fact there are benefits to having your ducts cleaned in the winter month in particular.

Pros of Winter Duct Cleaning

  • The flu season peaks December - February in the US.  The flu virus can survive 8 hours on a hard surface, five on the bottom of a shoe on a soft floor, and in the air until it dries. An efficient system can clean it out of the air quicker to reduce or eliminate sick time in a building. A professional cleaning will improve the efficiency of the filtration system. You can even ask your HVAC professional about UV sanitation systems with lights to kill more germs, and/or an upgrade on your filter to a HEPA system.
  • Improved efficiency is a direct result of professional duct cleaning. What better time of year is there than winter in Minnesota to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system?  Power bills have a tendency to soar during these months in the north, and an investment in improving the HVAC will be seen in lower energy costs, and a warmer home.
  • A fresher smelling home is a direct result of clean air ducts. Dust, dander, dirt, and germs accumulate through the year in the duct work, often it does not smell. However during the months where the system is running more often, and people are cooped up indoors more it can get musty and smelly if there is debris in it. 

To improve your indoor air quality this winter, or any time of the year Contact us at Dust Doctors. An efficient HVAC system will mean less sick days, less dusting, and lower energy costs through these cold winter months.  You may want to consider having your system checked and cleaned if you are moving into a new home as well. Call your indoor air quality experts today to improve indoor winter living. 


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