Anyone who owns a home or business should be aware of how critical clean air ducts are to the quality of the air that you, your family and your co-workers breathe. Every building has air ducts that function as pathways for cool and warm air to flow. These ducts pull in air from rooms through a regulator and filter, cool or heat it and then transfer it right back to your living or working space at the desired temperature. Most of us take this process for granted yet failing to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of a building's air ducts heightens the risk of breathing in harmful air. All it takes is one duct cleaning per year to boost your health and lower your utility bills.

When air ducts go uncleaned, a considerable amount of dirt, grime, dust and other undesirable particles accumulate inside of them. If these particles are allowed to sit for long enough, they will drastically reduce your building's air quality. If enough of them pile up, they will stand in the way of the air that is transmitted to your working or living space. This is precisely why an annual air duct cleaning will boost your building's airflow and reduce your heating and cooling bills. 

If your building feels a bit moist, there is a strong likelihood that its air ducts have mold. When mold grows in a building's ducts and is breathed in by its occupants, their health deteriorates. Do not let this happen to you, your family and your fellow employees. Our HVAC experts will clean out all of the mold and other impurities form your air ducts to ensure that you are only breathing in the highest quality air. Whether it's allergens, dirt, dust or insect droppings, Dust Doctors' crew will eliminate it.

While we're cleaning out your ducts, we'll also look for any indication of tears or cracks as well. Your building's air ducts are designed to function as a rigid barrier that do not leak any cold or hot air. The presence of even a very minor leak can significantly increase your heating and cooling bills. So don't go another day breathing in low quality air that is unnecessarily expensive. Lean on the HVAC professionals at Dust Doctors to ensure that you and your loved ones only breathe in perfectly clean air at an affordable price.

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