While duct cleaning is essential for any home with an HVAC system, certain households require more frequent cleanings than others. At Dust Doctors, it’s our job to keep your household air as pure and fresh as possible, which is why we routinely recommend annual or biennial duct cleaning. For some homeowners, though, semi-annual cleanings are the best course of action to maintain healthy indoor air quality. Which homeowners fall into this category? We expand on the details below.

Households With Pets

Think your pet doesn’t shed? Think again. Even “non-shedding” pets drop several hairs per day, and more importantly, they shed skin particles, more commonly known as dander. Depending on the number of pets you own (even if they’re “non-shedding”), fur and dander can accumulate quickly and will collect within your ductwork without routine cleaning.

Not only can pet hair and dander trigger allergies, but they can also reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system if they clog the intake and return vents. Worse, when you combine pet shedding with human shedding (humans shed hundreds of hairs and thousands of skin particles each day), the issue grows worse. Ideally, households with pets should have professional duct cleaning once per year, if not semiannually.

Households With Airborne Allergies

If anyone in your home has airborne allergies, whether seasonal or year-round, routine duct cleaning is essential. Ideally, you should have professional duct cleaning once per year, but if allergies are severe, twice-yearly cleanings can help reduce irritating symptoms.

Keep in mind that routine HVAC filter replacement also plays a role in mitigating airborne allergy symptoms, so be sure to replace your filters according to the recommended time interval. Dirty filters can render even the most thorough duct cleaning useless since the filters will continue to push particle-laden air into your living spaces. While routine professional duct cleaning can certainly cut down on allergy symptoms, homeowners must be diligent about their own routine maintenance, too.

Household With Indoor Smokers

Do you live in a home with an indoor smoker? Do you smoke indoors yourself? Then you’re a prime candidate for professional duct cleaning. Cigarette smoke contains hundreds of volatile chemicals that don’t just damage your lungs; they can damage your ventilation system, too.

If you or a family member routinely smoke indoors, you also put anyone who visits your home in danger of inhaling chemicals, tar, and other particles that can damage their lungs. Ideally, you should smoke outside to avoid incurring extensive home damage, but if that’s not an option, professional duct cleaning should be on your schedule twice per year.

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