Everyone hears about outside environmental concerns. But, the fact of the matter is that indoor air quality is worse than anything people face when they walk out their doors on a daily basis. The news does not get better when going indoors for work or school. An everyday person spends the majority of their time indoors and faces hidden dangerous pollutants.

Pesky Unseen Pollutants

Unknowingly, homeowners do not realize that when sealing living spaces with heavy insulation and reducing ventilation to save energy that they trap irritants in indoor spaces.

Potential irritants:

●        Pollen: Pollen is seen and unseen but also unavoidable. Every spring and summer, there’s a spike in pollen, which causes allergies to worsen.

●        Dust: Dust is part of any business or home. Dusting surfaces is not enough, and often it only stirs up the allergens. Trained professionals track down the hidden irritants in duct systems, vents, and home decorations made of cloth to improve indoor quality for residential properties and businesses, alike.

●        Secondhand Smoke: Many municipalities or other government entities continue creating laws against smoking any substance indoors. However, everyone has the right to do so in their homes, but smoke severely diminishes air quality.

●        Radon: Radon is also odorless, but one of the Earth’s natural gases. Professionals test homes every day for air quality that targets radon. Radon screening for kids is also available.

●        Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2): Nitrogen dioxide buildup in low amounts is dangerous. It is corrosive and toxic. Avoiding appliances that produce the gas or at least minimizing the usage is best practice.

●        Lead Particles: Lead particles work like dust and collect indoors in places that often go forgotten. Ventilation and ducts need extra attention by people trained specially to clean the hidden irritants.

●        Mold: Mold comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are dangerous; others are harmless. It is best that a trained eye takes a look to create positive indoor air quality.


Indoor air quality leads to a quality life. No one wants unwanted allergies to interrupt their lives at work or at home. Dare the dust away with Dust Doctors. Our professionals and top-notch equipment are available to improve daily lives for all.


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