Many landlords do not give their rental properties the same attention that they give their own homes. One thing you may do for your own home but fail to do for rental properties is have the air ducts cleaned. There are many benefits associated with investing in air duct cleaning in your rental property, though. Learning about these three benefits can help you decide if it’s ideal for your rental home:


1.       Helps Extend the Life Of Your Heating and Cooling Units

One of the major benefits associated with air duct cleaning is that it can help to extend the life of your heating unit, cooling unit, and the air ducts in the home. Replacing a furnace, heater, air conditioner, or HVAC unit can cost thousands of dollars. However, extending the life of the unit can help you to save money in the long run, which maximizes the money you make from your rental property. Therefore, it is recommended you have your air ducts routinely cleaned for maximum benefits.


2.       Helps Minimize Odors in the Property

The second benefit associated with investing in air duct cleaning in a rental property is that it helps to minimize bad odors in your property. Tenants who smoke or own pets can contribute to bad odors traveling through the ducts.


When you have the air ducts cleaned, you are removing dirt, dust, and other elements that may continue to circulate in the home. The longer a smell remains, the harder it may be to remove. Removing these odors routinely helps to keep your home smell-free when the tenant moves out.


3.       Helps to Keep Your Tenants Happy

The final benefit associated with air duct cleaning is that it helps to keep your tenants happy. Air duct cleaning helps to reduce dirt and dust in a home, keeps those residing in the home healthier, and prevents your heater or cooling device from running longer than it should. Ultimately, this helps to prevent a heating or cooling bill from sky-rocketing. Most landlords want to keep their paying tenants in their homes or apartments, and air duct cleaning is one of the ways they can do so.


There are many important reasons why you should invest in air duct cleaning as a landlord. If it has been two or more years since the air ducts have been cleaned, now is the right time to schedule your cleaning appointment. Contact Dust Doctors to schedule an appointment today.

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