Pest Removal

Do You Suspect Animals Might Be In Your Air Ducts Or Dryer Vent?

worms eye view of a person on a ladder.

So you turn on your furnace and air conditioner. But something seems off. You’re getting more than a refreshing blast of climate-controlled air. You’re getting the rank smell of a dead animal.

Critters occasionally make their way into your home’s ductwork. And sometimes they can’t make their way out. The result is the unpleasant experience of decomposition from within your home. Even if the animals do manage to escape, the remnants of their nests, accumulated debris, and excrement can form a potent mixture that will drive even the hardiest of souls to seek sweet-scented solace.

If you suspect that pests have infested your duct system, give us a call. Our technicians are trained in disposal methods, and we’ve yet to find a duct that we can’t clean.