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Why You Should Keep All Air Vents Open in Your House

When it comes it comes to heating your home, closing the vents in unused rooms is more damaging than beneficial. With heating and cooling accounting 50 percent of your energy bill every month, it is important to leave the vents open in every room in the house to cut down on energy costs.

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Dirty Return Vents May be Affecting Your Furnace's Efficiency

Clogged air vents and filter are the leading cause of furnace problems. Dust and debris in the vents, ducts, and filters inhibit airflow throughout the home. The furnace has to work harder to maintain a warm and safe environment during the Minnesota winters.

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Benefits of UV Lighting in the Air Ducts

UV lighting is an effective tool for purifying the air in your home. By adding a UV lighting unit, you can reduce the dust in the air, as well as kill germs, mold, and bacteria. UV lights are used in a wide range of commercial facilities. You can also use them to purify the air in your home.

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