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Three Reasons Why Pet Owners Need Their Ducts Cleaned More Frequently

If you have pets, it is recommended that you get your ducts cleaned more frequently than someone who does not have pets. When you read this statement, you may find yourself wondering why this is. Here are three reasons why those who have pets should have their ducts cleaned more frequently than those without.

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How Replacing Old Furnaces Improves Air Quality and Comfort

Your furnace is the primary source of heat during the winter. It can bring comfort to your entire household and keep you safe when the temperatures plummet. On the same token, the furnace can also be a source of toxic air that can affect you and your family's health without you even knowing it. Certain factors can determine both the condition of the furnace and the type of toxins it's releasing into your home. If your furnace is old and worn down, we recommend that you call an HVAC specialist to inspect the system. It may be time for a new furnace.

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How Do You Know if Your Air Ducts are Dirty?

You may never think about your HVAC system or the ducts channeling the air throughout your home until a problem arises. What you may not realize is that problems are already happening right under your nose. The HVAC system may be polluting the air in your home, making it more difficult to breathe. Dirty air can also lead to respiratory problems. But how do you know if your air ducts are dirty? Read below to find out more.

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Doing a Post-Construction Clean Up of Your New Home or Offices

Once you have a new home or office built, you might want to move right in. But wait! There may still be some dangerous post-construction materials lurking around. If you want to make sure your new construction is safe to live and work in, you might want to invest in a post-construction clean up.

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