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What are Dust Mites and How do You Get Rid of Them?

House dust mites are everywhere. They enter the home from the outside on every vehicle possible: clothes, shoes, pets, pollution, and the open air. Once they get inside, they make themselves at home by multiplying and invading every inch of your house. Wherever there is dust, rest assured, there are dust mites. While routinely dusting and cleaning your house will rid the dwelling of thousands of dust mites, you should also hire a professional HVAC cleaning company to purify your duct system.

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The Effects of Dirty Return Vents on Furnace Efficiency

Numerous studies have shown that dust and dirt buildup can affect the performance of your furnace. The concept is simple. As dirt builds up around the vents, it blocks the passageway for warm or cool air. Since the furnace forces the air through the ductwork, the blocked vent creates additional pressure in the system. The furnace, however, must continue to do its job of circulating the conditioned air through the house. The difference is that it must now work twice as hard to perform the same task at the same level.

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The Benefits of Ultraviolet (UV) Lights in Air Ducts

Ultraviolet (UV) lighting devices offer a wide range of health benefits when we install them in your home’s HVAC system. If you live in Minneapolis and St. Paul and you’re concerned about clean air in your home, we recommend adding UV lighting to your heating and cooling equipment. Below are some benefits of UV lights in your duct system. If you have any other questions, you can contact Dust Doctors.

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How Dirty Air Ducts Affect Winter Allergies

Although most people associate allergies with the spring and summer seasons, you know firsthand that allergies can also strike during the winter while you are cooped up in the house. The questions are: Why? What causes allergic reactions in the wintertime and how can we help you solve the problem? Let’s explore the issue a little more.

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