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Reducing Your Dust Mite Population

Dust mites aren't the most pleasant thing to think about, and most of us would rather not picture these tiny creatures that are purportedly hanging out in everything we own by the millions — regardless of how harmless they may be. While they generally are more disgusting to think about than anything else, for some people they do cause things like asthma or allergic reactions. Even if you don't have these issues, it's still a good thing to try to reduce the number that you have as much as possible.

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Indoor Allergy Problems and How to Fight Them


Indoor allergens may be far worse at times than the outdoor variety. At first this comment may seem nonsensical. However, when people are outside, they generally have adequate ventilation.


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Clean Ducts Equal a Healthy Home

We never really think about the ducts in our home until our HVAC systems stop working, but the truth is they do more than just distribute heat and air to our homes. They contain filters that help eliminate dust, pet dander and other allergens from the air. Keeping your ducts clean helps keep every family member in your home healthy.

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