If you noticed a patch of mold growing somewhere inside your house, you’d clean and disinfect the area immediately, right? But what about mold inside your home that you can’t readily see? You might not know it’s there, but it could be silently affecting your health.

Mold can grow just about anywhere there’s moisture and a food source, which means there’s a solid chance it might be living inside your ductwork. And unfortunately, you might never see it or even suspect it’s there without conducting an inspection.

Curious whether mold might be living in your ducts? Read on to learn about three signs you should watch for.

A Persistent Musty Odor

Do you notice a musty odor when you run the A/C or heat? When a large quantity of mold is living inside your ductwork, one of the first signs you’ll likely notice is the odor it gives off. If you’ve searched high and low for the source of a weird, old-smelling scent in your house but can’t seem to locate a culprit, chances are you’re dealing with mold, which can make you sick.

If your house smells musty all the time, even when the HVAC system isn’t running, you may have mold growing in other areas, too. Spores spread quickly, and if there are growths in your ducts, there are probably growths elsewhere that you can’t readily see.

To address a mold problem in your ductwork, schedule a deep-cleaning appointment with a duct cleaning company. Deep cleaning will effectively eliminate mold and other debris from inside your ducts, preventing spores from traveling throughout your house. If your home still smells musty when the HVAC is off, get a mold test to determine your next steps.

Mildew on Household Objects

If you’ve ever noticed a super-thin, dark film growing on any objects inside your house, that’s likely mildew — and mildew is a form of mold. Mildew can stem from a variety of culprits, including high humidity, plumbing leaks, and roof leaks, but it can also come from dirty ductwork.

If your ducts are moist or contain any amount of mold, the air that flows through them can force spores into your living areas. And wherever those spores land, they’ll grow, provided there’s moisture.

If your ducts haven’t been cleaned in years, they’re a likely culprit behind the mildew growth inside your house. To remedy the issue, schedule duct cleaning as soon as you can. Certain forms of mold can seriously affect your health, so prompt action is critical. 

Unexplained Allergy-Like Symptoms or Illnesses

If you suffer from seemingly unexplained allergy symptoms and your physician can’t pinpoint a culprit, mold may be the issue. What kind of symptoms are we talking about? Some of the most common health issues related to mold exposure include:

●        Persistent headaches

●        Low energy levels or chronic fatigue

●        Runny or stuffy nose, often with post-nasal drip

●        Coughing or sneezing

●        Itchy eyes, nose, throat, or skin

While the above symptoms can occur as a result of mold growth anywhere in your home, your ductwork may be a primary culprit. To work on alleviating your symptoms, schedule a duct cleaning appointment to rid your HVAC system of mold. As well, consider testing the remainder of your home for mold, and consider getting blood tests from your doctor to determine if you’re suffering from mold toxicity.

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