Numerous studies have shown that dust and dirt buildup can affect the performance of your furnace. The concept is simple. As dirt builds up around the vents, it blocks the passageway for warm or cool air. Since the furnace forces the air through the ductwork, the blocked vent creates additional pressure in the system. The furnace, however, must continue to do its job of circulating the conditioned air through the house. The difference is that it must now work twice as hard to perform the same task at the same level.


Twice the Work, Half the Endurance

When we talk about efficiency, what we’re referring to is how much energy a furnace has to burn to produce enough warm or cool air to meet the temperature setting on the thermostat. If a blocked vent (and ductwork) creates pressure in the system, the furnace has to burn nearly twice the energy to keep up with the temperature setting. What happens next?


●        Increased maintenance due to higher workload

●        Expensive repairs because the components wear out faster

●        Higher energy bills due to increased energy use

●        Life expectancy of the furnace reduced by up to 50%


Signs of Dirty Vents

Although you may not be a professional vent cleaning technician, the symptoms of a furnace operating inefficiently are reasonably obvious. You can spot them with a simple inspection. Some of the signs include:


Dirty Vents. Look at all the vents in your house. If they appear to be filled with dust, dirt, or cobwebs, it’s a clear indication that the entire system is dirty. Contact us today, and we’ll perform a thorough duct and vent cleaning.


Higher Electric Bills. If you notice that your utility bills are higher than average, it should warn you that your furnace is working too hard. An HVAC cleaning from Dust Doctors should do the trick.


The Air Feels Dirty. When you walk in your home, does it suddenly seem dusty in the room? Do you find that you can’t breathe as easy as you used to? Are your allergies worse than usual? It could be the vents.


The Furnace is Freezing Up. In extreme cases, dirty ductwork and dirty air vents can block up a system so bad that the coil in the furnace freezes up while you’re turning on the heat in the winter time.


The Solution: Vent Cleaning From Dust Doctors

If you've noticed any of the problems we mentioned in this article, you should contact Dust Doctors. We provide comprehensive vent cleaning, duct cleaning, and general HVAC cleaning. Our service extends to homeowners in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Little Canada, Minnesota. To schedule a cleaning, contact us today at 651-319-9777.  

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