Do you find yourself dealing with mystifying health symptoms or unpleasant odors when you spend time indoors? If you’re a pet owner, your furry (or feathery) friends may be to blame. Because your ducts trap all manner of airborne particles, they often trap pet debris that can affect your health and home. At Dust Doctors, we know that pet owners can benefit greatly from routine duct cleaning. Today, we’re sharing three reasons you should have your ducts professionally cleaned if you have indoor pets.    

Pet Dander and Fur Can Decrease HVAC Efficiency

If you own a pet that sheds, your ducts will inevitably accumulate debris faster than a home without pets. Your pet sheds constantly, and if it lives indoors, it’s not just shedding fur all over your house; it’s shedding dead skin particles, too.

Pet fur and dander end up everywhere throughout your house, and often, they become airborne because they’re so lightweight. Once suspended in your home’s ambient air, your HVAC system can easily pull these particles into your ductwork. As pet debris builds within your ducts, it combines with other particles that can accumulate in any home’s ductwork. This buildup gradually decreases the efficiency of your HVAC system, which you’ll surely note in your monthly utility bill.

Routine, professional duct cleaning removes all manner of duct buildup, which can significantly improve your HVAC efficiency. Ideally, pet owners should have their ductwork cleaned every two years, but if you have several pets, you may require more frequent service.

Let’s Face It: Pet Odors Can Be Offensive

Got pet odors? If you’ve tried steam cleaning your furniture, deep cleaning your carpet, or stocking your home with air fresheners to no avail, your ductwork may be to blame. It’s normal for pets to have a distinct odor, just as humans have their own unique scent. However, humans bathe regularly, and pets typically get a thorough washing much less frequently.

When your pet sweats—and yes, pets sweat—it tracks that sweat throughout your home. Just as human sweat isn’t exactly the most pleasant scent, pet sweat is fairly offensive, too. Combine that odor with the scent of the natural oils produced by your pet’s skin, and you get quite the offputting combination. When that residue eventually evaporates into your home’s ambient air, it gets pulled into your HVAC system, where it absorbs into the debris within your ducts. Every time your heat or air conditioning cycles on, it distributes that unpleasant odor throughout your home.

If you feel like you’ve tried just about everything to rid your home of unpleasant animal odors, professional duct cleaning may be the answer to your prayers. By removing duct buildup and thoroughly cleaning the interior of your ducts, we can restore a clean, fresh scent to your home.      

Pets Can Negatively Affect Indoor Air Quality

Even if you don’t experience prevalent allergy symptoms, your pet’s skin, dander, and fur (or feathers) contain proteins that can irritate your respiratory tract. When your pet sheds, these tiny particles often become airborne and eventually make their way into your home’s HVAC system.

Every time your system cycles on, it propels these tiny particles into the air you breathe, which can repeatedly trigger your bothersome symptoms. Professional duct cleaning dramatically reduces allergy-causing particles within your home, leaving you with fresh, breathable air.

Got Pets? Improve Your Indoor Air Quality with Dust Doctors

At Dust Doctors, like you, we love our pets. We also know that our furry friends can wreak havoc on indoor air quality when we’re not diligent about regular duct cleanings. If you have indoor pets, and anyone in your Twin Cities home struggles with respiratory issues or allergies, professional duct cleaning can help. To learn more about our services or to schedule your cleaning, give us a call at 651-319-9777, or you can message us on our contact page.

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