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Cooling System

Is Your Newly Purchased Home's HVAC System Ready to Use?

Your HVAC system may work, but that doesn't mean it's move-in ready! Here's how to prep your new home's HVAC for your move.  

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How you can regulate temperatures in your home

Does it feel like your home is not heating or cooling as efficiently as it should? If so, follow these steps to learn how to regulate the temperature in your home.  

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How Does Whole-Home Humidity Control Work?

The humidity levels in your home can mean the difference between a tolerable or uncomfortable environment. Dust Doctors in Minnesota explains how whole-home humidity control works to keep the humidity in your home at its most comfortable level year round.

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How to Beat the Heat With Clean Air Ducts

If your air conditioner isn’t performing as well as it should this summer, it could be due to dirty ductwork and a clogged unit. Dirty ducts account for 40% of poor airflow in the average home.

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Cleaning Your AC System After Interior Remodeling

Home renovations can get messy. By the time you complete your project you find dust, dirt, debris scattered across your house. The dust and dirt eventually find their way into the duct work where it’s then distributed back out into the house.

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AC Unit Cleaning: Why Cleaning Your Air Ducts Is Not Enough

The HVAC system in your home plays an essential role in keeping your home’s airflow clean and fresh. The outdoor air conditioning unit is a key part of your HVAC system, but many homeowners know very little about maintaining it. Keeping this unit clean and maintained is important to keeping your HVAC until running efficiently.

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How Replacing Old Furnaces Improves Air Quality and Comfort

Your furnace is the primary source of heat during the winter. It can bring comfort to your entire household and keep you safe when the temperatures plummet. On the same token, the furnace can also be a source of toxic air that can affect you and your family's health without you even knowing it. Certain factors can determine both the condition of the furnace and the type of toxins it's releasing into your home. If your furnace is old and worn down, we recommend that you call an HVAC specialist to inspect the system. It may be time for a new furnace.

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It’s Time for Spring Cleaning: Start with Your HVAC System

It’s time to get ready for spring cleaning again. You can scrub the floors, polish all the furniture, and clean out all the cabinets. If you don’t clean the air in your home, however, you may find that all the dusting is a waste of time. Dust Doctors offers complete air purification through our many ducts and HVAC cleaning services. We can make your home smell better while you breathe easier this upcoming spring. Contact us for a complete HVAC cleaning today.

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The Effects of Dirty Return Vents on Furnace Efficiency

Numerous studies have shown that dust and dirt buildup can affect the performance of your furnace. The concept is simple. As dirt builds up around the vents, it blocks the passageway for warm or cool air. Since the furnace forces the air through the ductwork, the blocked vent creates additional pressure in the system. The furnace, however, must continue to do its job of circulating the conditioned air through the house. The difference is that it must now work twice as hard to perform the same task at the same level.

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Three Tips for Staging When Selling Your Home

When you sell your home, you want your property to stand out among the competition so it sells more quickly and for a higher price. Staging prepares your residence so it appeals to the widest audience.

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